Do you do plumbing?

Although in most cases the plumbing most likely is fairly easy to do. Sometimes if a different size sink is used or if the location is moved then a little more plumbing will be necessary. And even though it might appear to be a simple fix, we do not do plumbing and there is a simple reason, we are not licensed plumbers. If we reattached and made some alteration and something were to go wrong we would ultimately be liable for any unintentional damage.

What is the typical process to get started?

We always ask customer to provide us with a basic layout of their kitchen. This can be done several ways now, especially with the help of technology. If the customer does not have a basic cabinet plan that they can forward to us they can simply draw out a basic outline on a blank piece of paper, it does not have to be perfect, just something with as close as measurements as possible. It can be emailed, faxed from your computer or simply taken a picture of with your smart phone and texted or emailed. We then look over your plan and determine the amount of square feet of your kitchen. Based on the stone/material you choose we research the size and price then formulate a quote. We can provide samples of colors online or bring samples when we come to template. But if a customer wants to be entirely certain of the slab color and design it is recommended they go to our warehouse and hand pick their choice.

What do I do with my old countertops?

We charge customers to remove and discard old countertops. Sometimes this is granite or marble which can be a little more difficult to disassemble because its undetermined how they are adhered until the process of removal is actually started. Less difficult is laminate surfaces. Although both can be difficult to do and time consuming as well, it is not impossible to remove on your own wherein the customer can save the removal fee.

How long does it take to finish my kitchen?

From the time we provide a quote we will schedule a date for templates. After templates are in hand we are typically 3-10 business days from getting your dream kitchen installed. In order for us to template the base cabinets need to be set in place, and the sinks used need to be bought as well as the faucet.