Enhance Your Home With Gorgeous Granite Countertops

Enhance Your Home With Gorgeous Granite Countertops

We offer an extensive selection of stylish countertops

Installing granite countertops is an easy way to give any room a modern and sophisticated appearance. The experts at VF Granite LLC provide top-notch granite installation services at affordable rates. After you choose the perfect material, color and pattern, you can also choose from a variety of edges to give your kitchen or bathroom a custom look.

We off a wide range of edges to choose from, including:

  • Eased - simple, clean and classic; we offer this edge for free
  • Bevel - this cut is easy to clean and directs liquid spills away from your cabinets
  • Round-over - a simple profile that goes well with both traditional and modern designs
  • Double radius - slightly rounded with pitched edges, a favorite of many homeowners
  • Demi bullnose - also known as waterfall, this cut offers a rounded edge on top and a flat bottom
  • Full bullnose - a timeless and classic look, making your countertops appear thinner
  • Ogee - an elegant and elevated style that pairs nicely with any kitchen
  • Chisel - known as "raw edge," this style brings more of a rustic appearance to your home

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Benefits of granite countertops

The advantages of granite countertops are seemingly endless. They're affordable and you can give them a spotless shine with little to no effort. In addition to being easy to maintain, granite countertops are also:

  • Resistant to dirt and bacteria
  • Highly durable and resistant to scratches and chips
  • Resistant to moisture, heat and stains

Each piece of granite is unique, providing your home with an elegant and truly one-of-a-kind appearance. Contact us today for more information.


You thought the hard work was over when you selected the countertop material, color and pattern that you wanted for your kitchen. Then you are asked "What edge would you like to go on your countertop? In any kitchen design it is often the details that set it apart, and choosing your countertop edge is not a detail you want to overlook. The edge can complete the style of your dream kitchen.


Eased edge is a simple clean and classic edge profile. We often see it in a more contemporary design. This edge we offer for free.

Cons: Chips more easily then other edges, by using precaution this can be easily avoided

eased edge with 1/8" corner radius
Eased edge with 1"corner radius


Beveled counters are easy to clean. This cut directs liquid spills to the floor rather then toward your cabinetry and you can easily wipe crumbs off the edge of the counter.

When a bevel cut dosent go deep into the countertops edge this is known as 1/4 wide bevel. Small bevels have a formal appearance that is best suited for a traditional kitchen design. They can also go in small kitchen spaces since they add a bit of visual appeal without being an overwhelming design element.

With a wider angle face we also offer a 1/2 bevel edge. The larger bevel really catches the light. Each face may appear to be a diffrent shade variation of the same color.

1/2 bevel edge
1/4 bevel edge


The 1/4 Round-over edge is a simple profile that is a goes well with traditional or modern designs. Its slight curve maximizes the visual thickness of the countertop. The slightly rounded edge takes off a little more then the eased edge but will still give you the mostly squared off look.

Round-over edge with 1/4th" corner radius
Round-over edge with 2" corner radius

Double Radius

The 1/4 round top and bottom look exactly as it sounds. It incorporates a slight curve on both the top and bottom sides of the edge to create a slightly round and pitched edge, a favorite for many homeowners.

Double Radius edge with a 4" corner radius

Demi Bullnose

The Demi Bullnose, also known as "half bullnose, and waterfall" features a rounded edge at the top and is flat at the bottom. It gives the edge a thicker appearance. If you think the grain on your countertop should be on display Demi Bullnose is the way to go! The design of this edge helps keep water from spilling directly onto the cabinet.

Full Bullnose

Full Bullnose

The Full Bullnose edge is a rounded edge that's perfect for traditional kitchens and bathrooms. This edge is a timeless classic look that gives a very fluid design to your countertops making them appear thinner. If you want a countertop edge without sharp corners this is the edge for you. The full bullnose edge is also the most sustainable when it comes to chipping.

Cons: If you spill water on your countertop its more likely to spill over the edge before you can clean it up.

Instead of simply wiping the crumbs into your cloth, you'll end up wiping them beneath the edge of your counter.


The Ogee edge has a classic elegant look that pairs nicely with any style of kitchen. If you are curious about the name Ogee you might like the story of where it came from. As with most things in life the fancier the edge the fancier the price. Most edge styles came from Italians but they dont name them, they just use numbers. When people would see this type of edge and then ask for pricing, the typical response was..."Oh Gee!" Hence the name, Ogee!


Chisel edge also known as "raw edge" brings a very different look to your kitchen then a bullnose, bevel or other edges, lending your kitchen a more natural or rustic appearance. This obviously isn't right for every kitchen but it is surprisingly versatile bringing a more organic look to kitchens that might feel too cold or industrial or accentuating a more warm, rugged or rustic decor. Raw edge granite is perfect for outdoor kitchens where rugged and natural would be an ideal fit. The chiseled edge is created by chissling the edges of a granite slab often with a tool called "Rock Biter" that looks like an oversized pair of bolt cutters. This creates a ragged but also sufficiantly uniform edge that looks natural but safe from sharp spurs or other imperfections. The edge is sanded very lightly to prepare for home use.